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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  June 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox5 local news at 10.. right now at 10 a deadly accident on the gw parkway, a shuttle bus over turned killing one person injuring more a dozen others. what led to the rush hour chaos. we went from having the time of our lives to the worst night of our lives all within a matter of minutes.minu finding the strength to speak.a. a woman who survived the orlando nightclub shooting walks us through the horrific momentsment standing just feet away from the gunman as he claims the lives of so many victims. > and breaking news from the district.dist fox5 is life with former mayor vincent gray. he just reclaimed the ward 7 city council seat. fox5 local news at 10 startstart right now in fact, vincent gray won the democratic primary for that ward 7 seat. thanks for joining us tonight,it i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony perkins:it is a big political come back for the former d.c. mayor, vincent
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he challenged yvette alexander who currently holds that ward 7 seat and by all indications he has won the democratic primary for that so. that's right. this is a big cometh back as you mentioned just two years after he lost a second bid to mayor muriel bowser. this is a big within for him. 74 percent of the votes have been counted for ward 7, vincent gray leading the incumbent,umbe yvette alexander, 61 percent to 33 percent in the democraticoc primary for ward 7.d of course there is a lot at stake tonight across the city and indeed there are some national politics to talk about, too. we'll get to that in just a little bit. we are following a number of contests on this democrat t primary night in the district. here are the national numbers. as expected, hillary clinton has won the democratic presidentiali primary in the district. this is the final democratic primary of this political season. hillary clinton is takingin 79 percent of the
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this is with 91 percent of the votes counted. bernie sanders with 21 percent of that vote.e. > let's take a look at some of the other local raises. the incumbent vincent orangent right now is not in the lead. his challenger robert right leads with 44 percent of the vote, david gasher, 16 percent r of the vote.e. vincent orange, the incumbent ib this raise for the d.c. at large with 77 percent of the precincts votes counted, robert right is leading with 44 percent of the vote. > now, in case you're wondering we're talking all democrat numbers here because the and it held their primary in the district back in march.n we're going to have much more mc coming up. i know there's been a change ine ward 8. i understand theres there was a new person, look ruby may wasruy the incumbent there. she lost her raise
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all the raises in just a few moments. > now to the deadly bus accident. we life team coverage for thatva for you.for we're going to start with teisha lewis who i believe is at one of the hospitals where some of the victims in this accident were taken.take teisha. >>reporter: tony and shawn, we, do know here at nova mounta vernon this is one of the threee hospitals where the victims were taken after this deadlydly accident. we can tell you tonight that one person is reportedly dead, more than a dozen suffered some serious injuries. we're told they're in critical condition.cond again, they were taken here to mount vernon, nova mount vernon hospital just moments ago.ents i want to show you some video of what we saw happen tonight, just moments ago, these two advanceo that you're taking a look atk right now left the accidentid scene. we spoke with the drivers at the scene. they said that they were looking for a friend. minutes later they arrived here
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now, a language barrier prevented them from sharingm information about am of the victims t and they quickly rushed inside the hospital and have yet to return.tu mount vernon police told us thih is one of three hospitals for 19 victims were taken tonight. victims are also at ainovaaino fairfax and anova alexandria hospitals. initially family members werebes told they could reunite withnite members at the mount vernon police station but they instead went to the scene of the crash. we are still awaiting information on the seriousness of those injured in the crash. at this hour we're told there is still just one fatality
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marina maracco is at the site oe that accident on the george washington parkway. marina. >>reporter: this is a fairlyir remote part of the george g washington parkway it's about a half a mile from where we're standing here and another half a mile down the street is where you find the estate. that shuttle bus on the left-hand side of your screen, it's that white bus apparently just before 5:00s as it was traveling northbound towardsards washington d.c. it collided with another car traveling southbound. that bus then tipped over on its side onto the driver's side and it was then when those injuries happened. it slid down the parkway and then something miraculous happened.happ samaritans stopped and they were able to tip that bus back on its wheels and pull out victims from down underneath. i want to give you a
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the injuries. there were 20 people on that shuttle bus. 15 of them were injured.njur three of those were critical injuries and unfortunately one confirmed fatality at this time. but listen to us park police, a spokesperson recount how those samaritans put that bus back on its feet. there were 15 or 20 or an unknown amount of people that topped to help up right the bus. really a nobel act by these passer buys and they then helpee the wounded on then bus to get the attention they needed. there were people underneath the bus, the wounded and the fatality were under the bus. these great citizens steppedtize forward and helped these peoplel in their time of need and that was incredible nobel. > at this hour, there stillll remains an active investigation from stratford lane all the way to the mount vernon circle. police have shutdown thatutdo stretch because they're trying to re-create the scene and get a better sense of what led to the collision. life tonight in alexandria, fox5 local news.
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from one young woman who survived the deadly orlandoland nightclub shootings. what happened when the gunman had her cornered in a bathroom. recent drug-related tragedy. fairfax county is bleeding withi students to stay away from heroin. what one mother told us after she lost her daughter to an accidental overdose earlier this year. the news at 10 will be right back.
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welcome back. we're following a number of newu developments in the orlando nightclub shooting. fox news reports this federalfee prosecutors have convened ave grand jury to prosecute the wife of omar ma teen.en. nor salmon knew of her husband'd deadly plans but did nothing tog stop him. meantime we are learning more about ma teen.een. federal agents are nowow investigating whether he led aee double life and may have ben-gay. patrons at the pulse nightclub where ma shot and killed 49
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teen was married and had a three-year old son.ree- > one of the victims of thehe orlando shooting broke her silence today. she and another friend made it outside after the gun shots began but they bravely decidedid to go back inside the club whenu they realized another friend was missing. they ducked into the restroom tr seek shelter from the gunman. listen as patience describes what happened next. >> the gunman entered thehe bathroom and was shooting his machine gun.un. so we're all like scrambling around in the bathroom screamina at the top of our lungs when he was in there for the first time. people were getting hit by bullets. blood was every where and thered was a moment when he stoppedhe shooting in the bathroom and that's when everyone looked around and then that's when i first realized that my leg wasew shot. there were several other people shot and bleeding in the bathroom. that's when acer a who didn't ae make it realized she was shot in
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i'm not sure when tierra alsoi got shot in her h side. her we were all pretty bad. at that point we knew that thiss wasn't a game. this was very real. patients is just 20 years old. one of her friends who was hiding in that restroom with heh did not survive.urv the gunman told the hostages that he was not acquisitioning alone and there were snipers waiting to take out police. we now know that was not true.r. the gunman told the hostages heg would not shoot any other he told them, quote, you've already been through enough. a make shift memorial is growins in dupont circle. signs are laid out in the circle bearing the names of the victims killed in the nightclub throughout the day people have been stopping by to show their support. they are considering changing some of theirde policies and in the allowing patrons to bring bags inside.nsid the disney theme parks are increasing their security measures.
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saying the orlando nightclub shooter had scouted disney as a possible target.arg guest' bags will be searched and some will be selected for testsr with a metal dough techor. stay with fox5 for the coverage of the orlando shooting. we'll have the latest on air, on fox5 > a gorgeous day today. the question is, will we get another one tomorrow, sue palka. >> not so much, shawn. s it's not going to be a bad day, you just won't need your sunglasses very much. temperature wise we're going to be pretty much in bargain territory. check out these lightig temperatures from dulles at 80-degrees and bwi81. this is so fantastic and of course the big bonus once againn today very low humidity. it felt so wonderful to be be outside, a
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our temperature now in the district, 71, but a big dropout toward frederick. 63, martinsburg 63, winchesteric is right there as well. fredericksburg 68-degrees. it's just a delightful evening.i once again you can get the windows here's the changeup, while we still have partly cloudy skiesou now, expect more clouds to role in overnight.over by this time tomorrow night i'll have some showers and maybe a rumble of thunder rolling around. we won't eliminate them anymore. it's not going to be a wet dayet and certainly during the daylight hours very little to worry about.bout we've still got the clear to partly cloudy skies now, but as we give you the bigger picture we have more showers and stormsr starting to fire up acrosscro kentucky and down parts of north carolina. there's a warm front and thatan warm front is pushing in ourur direction.di i don't think you get through d.c. tomorrow but it gets close enough that a waive of low pressure will ride along it
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that will probably inspira couple of showers and maybe a rumble of shower tomorrow nighto and overnight into thursday morning. thursday morning's commute might be wet. as for your wednesday morning commute some clouds out there. could there be a spotty shower,, one or two down to the south. that could happen as well. even as we go through the noonhe hour i think we're still talking about clouds much it's not until much later tomorrow night that we'll see much i'll take you hour by hour inour just a little bit.ju to get you started for tomorrow, your wednesday morning at thenga bus stop, 602067.. it could be some upper 50s out there. clouds coming in later tonightti should capture some of theseese temperatures. tomorrow after school even withn clouds we'll still be in the upper 70ss to low 70s. generally a dry day but tomorrow night we'll begin to see thingss changing up a little bit. up as promised we'll go through the futurecast and let you know howw these last six days of spring are dog, by the way.he i just wanted to mention summer count down is on, six days
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we have any summer-like weather in the forecast. > fairfax county high school that lost a student tostud prescription drug use was the site of a town haul meeting about heroin and prescription aby. 17 year old alexia springer died back in march.n her parents were in the crowd tonight at centerville high school. fox5's lindsay watts was there.e i understand some starting information came out of this meeting? >>reporter: shawn and tony, a lot of information here tonight. the meeting only rapped up a couple minutes ago and that something stood out to me wee heard so much about the prescription drug fentanyl recently especially after it was revealed that's what killed prince. tonight we heard that fentanyl is the deadliest drug thatdrug killed people in virginia. police told parents at thispare meeting it's especially dangerous to kids because it'sts so powerful, even a tiny amount, the weight of a few grains of salt can kil
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fentanyl is typically used in surgery or given to cancer patients. it's tough to get from a pharmacy and that's why police told parents it's now being made on the black market, in labs ans sold on the internet whereet anyone can get it. tonight we also heard about theh major heroin issue. there's an overdose just about j every day in fairfax county. a fairfax police lieutenant saii there wercee four in one day lat saturday and he actually leftcta this meeting for a about itbo because he got a call about an overdose. there were several dozen peoplee here tonight, including some boy scouts recovering addicts. people who have lost family members to drugs, including alexia springer parents. alexia was a student here at the high school.cho she died after taking prescriptions and alcohol back at a party back in march.n she went to bed and never wokeoe up. her mom told me that she now wants to dedicate her life toife spreading awareness and preventing outrage dis.ting i asked her how she was feelingg as she
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tonight. >> i feel great. i think that this shows thatthat there's hope for this community, for people throughout thehe country to be able to take ahold of these addictions, these drugu and kids and giving them education and support.supp there are some people who spokeo who are in your shoes. it felt good. it felt like i wasn't alone. i need that. i need to feel like i'm part offing on. that's why i'm here. i want to be able to take the position and be able to advocatc for other parents and for other people to survive and to have education for this terrible disease. some other information that really stood out to powell and her husband who was with herher here. according to a survey taken byby students in fairfax county schools, about two to 3,000 students have self-reported misusing a prescription drug within the last 30 days. i was speaking to a district official about that high numberr
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going to be talks this summer looking at is there more that can be done to educate students, especially high scullers about h the dangers of prescriptions and heroin. life in centerville, lindsayinds watts, fox5 local news. > democrat rivals bernie sanders and hillary clinton metn right here in the district tonight. could their conversation have an impact on what sanders is going to reveal thursday. > they will provide weekly updates on social media using the hashtag arrang tank what tank is expected to deliver sometime in mid september.
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> i want to take you back to the breaking news in thetong n district, vincent gray defeated incumbent yvette alexander for the ward 7 city council seat.ouc we want to get to our own sarah simmons. >>reporter: tony than a shawn,, a very big night for vincentince gray. that's right. now winning his primary for his old council seat here in
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of course the former mayor getting a the look of applause and a lot of congratulations from the folks here at his campment. you can see the room is pretty flopped in there. people are screaming and absolutely excited about his primary win of course after losing the mayor seat in 2014 and then the federal investigation that came afteram that which of course grayra himself was cleared of you had to wonder what was going through his mind tonight after winning the primary.the we spoke to him just a shortor time ago. here's what he had to say. >> i'm just excited. i'm excited that the people at ward 7 have voted so decisivelyc to give us an opportunity too represent them once again.gain i'm really looking forward to do it again. there's so much to do. i'm just excited to have theav opportunity to do that. now, what you're looking at iss yvette alexander, the current council we were hoping to speak with her
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she did not show up to her campaign head or her rally. what you're looking at now isow file video of her. but we do hope to get some sorte of reaction from her in thethe coming hours. yes, a very big win for the vincent gray camp. we'll continue to stay on top of this and bring you the latest. thank you, sarah. developing tonight hackers hitht the democratic computer network. hackers reportedly gained access to confidential e-mails, chatshs and research on presumptive nominee donald trump. the c chairman says they reached out to a cyber security firm anm moved quickly to kick out the intruders. it doesn't appear the hackersckr got any donor's financial orinan personal after tonight, the presidential primary season will be overbe while hillary clinton is the presumptive democratpr presidential nominee ites is stl unclear what
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senator bernie sanders will do next. they are meeting tonight. then on thursday he will announce his plans to supporters. he previously said he plans to continue his fight. his campaign said he wants some ides included in the party platform, such as universal healthcare, a raise in the minimum wage and free tuition at state college and universities.. we're getting word that the incumbent yvette alexander just showed up at her event thishis evening. we're going to hear from herr coming up in just a few minutes. meantime tonight we're also continuing the conversationnver about the orlando nightclubigh shooting. we're going to be talking to one woman who says the shooting whatnot a case of muslim extremism. her reasoning is next at 10.
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this is fox5 local news at 10. t we are back with a look at
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tonight's top stories. marina maracco is life with the deadly shuttle bus ascr that shutdown the gw parkway. marina. >>reporter: tony, it was a badd casualty accident on the george w parkway here near mount vernon. that bus carrying 0 chinese tourists collided into another t car and then tipped over and slid down the parkway. 156 those passengers transported to area hospitals, three of theh in critical condition. unfortunately one of those tourists is dead tonight. ton shawn, for the first time today, the orlando shooting victimict patients carter spoke out. she was shot in the leg inside the pulse nightclub. she actually got out when the shooting began, but she went back in h to find one of her friends.. the gunman entered the bathroom and was shooting his machine sho gun. so we're all like scrambling around in the bathroom screaminb
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carter is an intern at her sister station in philadelphia. she was on vacation in floridali request her friends.t he one of them was killed in the shooting. > tonight we're continuing our conversation about the orlando shooting. nor that gory joins us tonight.i she is out spoken on issues iss involving the muslim community. thanks for joining us once again. >> thank you for having me. me. > you say this shooting was nos a case of muslim extremism is et what a lot of people were thinking it was during the first reports. but you say it's not really that shall it's more of an attack on the gay community. >> i definitely don't think h it has -- it's focused on muslim m extremism because the shooterer was not a religious person. pe i think it's super easy for the media and for our society today to, when an attacker happens to be of a muslim background tod t automatically say he was an extremist, but this man who was
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clubbing, who was abusive to hio x wife. he didn't practice or follow anl of the set of principles anyway. so i think it was obviously the fact that he called 911 and he n said that he was. but i also think that it was this -- he was feeding into the propaganda because he was trying to cover up whatever it was, like he was feeling, i think. th > you make a good point. there were reports that he was reportedly using gay websites. >> exactly. > gay dating apps, that he was reportedly inside that club on l norm just occasions before this attack happened, which also brings up another issue. it started the conversationon about thoughts about home phobia within the muslim community. i know that the washington post recently reported that pulse polls show the vast majority of muslims around the world
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homosexual behavior is wrong. could this be him fighting demons within himself.demo i think it was some guilty or gi some type of self letting of the it was really clear that he wasa on these gay dating apps. he was already an abusive persob who seems mentally unstable. so i don't think that it's fair to automatically okay because of this he now -- and because he's muslim it has to do with isis and extremism, no. there is also another man who was arrested around the same time in california, a man from indiana, who planning an attack on the la pride parade. i don't think the media coveredv it as much or the fact that if he had carried out the attack would it hey been considered aed terrorist attack? i do think, inly it's because of the reports that he had called -- >> he pledged his allegiance to isis an
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although we now know he pledged his allegiance to groups thathat are batting each other. not particularly well thoughtht out. i don't like to give a lot of credence to what people are saying on social media. but what shawn has been saying there have been some criticisms because islam is so strongly str against the homosexual lifestyle that maybe he was feeling those pressures. again, people trying to jump inj his head, figure him out. ou what's your response to.our >> that i think it's unfair to o jump to that conclusion becausen the stance on home phobia, it's similar to christianity and judaism. if you're going to look at the muslim community, even in 2015n0 it shows that american muslims are more accepting of the gay community than evangelicalvang christians. from what i've
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experience and some of my are of the lbgt community. it's something that we're so open minded and accepting of.f. they're often misrepresented ins the media and we know what thath feels like.ike so it's hard for me to sit and watch people automatically aut assume that, oh, well because we they hate this and that when yow had a pastor the next day after the attack, he was from arizona and he put out a video basically commending the attack and sayind that i was a good thing and calling the victims pedophiles. i was thinking, okay, how are ok you going to sit there and basha muslim americans and call them terrorists or say that they hate gays when you have a pastor whoo is sitting here and saying an something like this. > as a member of the muslim mu community, i'm assuming this is frustrating every time there is an incident
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muslim who is implicated in that incident it seems like your see community has to come out than a apologize as a whole. >> yeah. > how do you change that? howh do we move the conversation beyond that? i started thinkins about that. if every time some black did bl something wrong i had to come on tv or stand up and say that's wrong it would begin to be be frustrating to me. we don't live like that. other people don't live like that. >> it's superke frustrating. today we were at the state off women's summit and it was a group of us muslim girls talkins about it's really frustrating that you always have to come out and apologize or well, icon democrat this attack. first i said i don't feel like k need to do that but now it's the misconceptions and miss in terms is so high in our society todayc and it's so misrepresented and e huge part of that is the media that it's our responsibility toi say something in the sense thate we need to
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people and i think it's really important for us to speak out sp against the violence that's carried out in our religious name even though it is not associated with our religion but people claim it to be because sĂșthat's the only way that we'rr going to be able to educate people. there are always going to bee al people who are going to be likee no that's not true and pull out verses that are completely takem out of context just like you were to take out verses of the r bible. it's the same thing. th there are people who are going o to remain ignorant. those are the people that wet have to talk to. i'll come on here if they're if much whatting, i'm okay, this i what we really think and you geu a better perspective. > you had a quick question. let me just ask you very quickly. we're just about out of time, but radical is p lamb. this is a term that's been batted around. donald trump has been talking hs about it quite a about it. has said the president doesn't use the term and he shou
10:39 pm
using the term. ter >> the president came out today and said what does it matter if i use the term or not, it doesn't change things. what is your view on that. >> i personally don't use the u term because it's not fair forof us to put this image constantly to the name of our religion. this manipulation that kind of k drills into people's minds when you hear the word islam the first thing that you're going to associate it with is radical or extremism when essentially, and we always mention this, it meant piece and it comes down to our r humanity and acceptance of other people and loving other people so i refuse to sit there and have people get this bad taste in their mouth after they say the word and people like donald trump who are insisting ong o people using the term radical islam and calling attacks under the name of that, it just
10:40 pm
into the manipulation of our society. we're so sick and tired to haveo like undo that mess. they don't realize how reckless it is when you say things like h that becauser ' hurting an an entire community of innocent people. not only are you hurting the community but you're completing making this divide of us and them while we all have the same goal. we all want the same thing andnd you're feeding into the agenda of the extremist or the terrorist over and over again. > we can keep going with thisih for a long time but we have to o wrap. thanks for coming and i really appreciate it. we'll be right back with moreith fox5 local news at 10. 10. looking for a job this summer you could be in luck. lu according to a new survey nearly a quarter of employers plan to o higher in the third quarter andu that is an increase from the previous three months. mon we should be seeing new jobs in leisure and hospitality along h with transportation and retail. and this could be a big reason g for those stores to higher retail sales rising in may for
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sporting goods, those kind of stores, and online purchases pur seeing the biggest jump. stocks continue to tumble today, the nasdaq, the s and p500, all, of them finishing lower. it seems the majority of americans are saying goodbye tod their vacation days. a new survey showing 55 percentw of workers gave up an average oo two full paid vacation days in 2015. that adds up to around 61 billion-dollar worth of forfeited benefits for workers. take a vacation, america, you deserve it.t. that's business, i'm steward van i. i.
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> how about this, this nineut year old from florida can now add photographing
10:45 pm
to her resume.ume. madison harrison was invited to attend the united states state of womb em women, a summit of progress made by women here inad the e d.c. she got the opportunity after a successful social media campaign. little madison has her own photography business, believe it or not and it was her dream to photograph president obama. well, i've never actually like t seen him in person so i wasas like, oh, my word, that's amazing and i can't believe youo can say i took a photo of the president. i hope she got to take a photo next to the president as well. > photography may not be a future career for madison,adis though. she says she wants to be a scientist and find a cure foror cancer. > love it. > a big come back for former mayor vincent gray he is likely heading back to the city counsel after defeating incumbent yvette alexander.
10:46 pm
a nasty left note left for a woman in a spot reserved for veterans. her response that went viral, tonight at 11.
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> what in the world is thatin next to tony perkins.ns. >> it's a black bear. can you believe that? he was wa walking around a neighborhood in broad daylight. day this guy was spotted outside ofu an ashby's restaurant. r who can claim him. on the battle field parkway in leesburg. leesburg police posted the photo on their facebook page along pa with a message while this bear may have just wanted an order of curly fries, please do not get g close enough for a selfie. sel we've seen people do that. that. you don't think he was just going after curly fry, he was going after the roast beef, too. >> my suspicion is he was going after the food. fo this is in leesburg. remb
10:50 pm
that's been roaming around hyattsville, college park, pa places like that. > i want to get him an ashby's sandwich now. >> he'll get his own sandwich. > i'll leave him alone, no selfies, either. >> that would be very dangerous. > how much are you loving this worry. >> love it. i wish it would stick around tomorrow. it's not going to be a terribler day. later in the day we will have t dodge a few showers and maybe aa rumble of thunder. i think that will be fairly isolated. tomorrow you're going to kind oo deal with the clouds rolling cl into town. we do have rain in the forecast and that's going to be coming b back thursday and friday. fr here are your weather headlinesh to give you an idea. i it will be fairly cloudy in thet morning. from time to time there therest still could be a peak of sun. i'll describe it as more cloudsl than sun. tomorrow night about this time i think there will be some showers beginning to. did. there could be some
10:51 pm
wednesday. they may hang around overnight and thursday morning we may have to deal with a about it of a we commute. more rain for thursday and i i think it might wind down a little bit in the afternoon and one last batch on friday. if i had a fifth line on the weather headline it would be that the weekend is stilltil looking good. we're on a nice role here. h average high is l 4-degrees. something we didn't have to deal with is the steam heat. 81 today, tomorrow 82, thursday, 80, a cool feeling day on on friday. that's because the winds are going to shift and come in out of the northeast. it will take a lot of the heat out of the saturday's temperature 80-degrees. a little bit unsettled beginning tomorrow with some clouds w rolling in. and then we'll watch a little'll bit of moisture. moi big range in temperatures from 71 in d.c. down to 61 in frederick, 64 in west chester. the air continues to be very ve dry. but as this leading edge of warmer gets
10:52 pm
will climb just a little bit and that will also help to make us a about it more unsettled. we're going to watch that warm t front starting to push in our i direction overnight. ov it doesn't quite push through p tomorrow but it will be close enough that it will be the focus for some shower and thunderstort activity to develop with the th humid air and dryer air to their north. i think we're going to hit abouo 82-degrees tomorrow.w. most of the day, could a spottys shower pop up during the daylight hours, yes, but very ve few of you will see it. let's look at the satellite and radar. just a few indications of the clouds coming but you certainly see there's more to come as we track some showers through kentucky and down into western north carolina. ca as you watch them in motion thet are generally going to push intu this direction with our warm wa front that will be in the move. tonight not much in the way ofay cloud cover, but by the time yoi wake up we've got clouds around the region maybe a quick passinp shower. one or two thunderstorms toms
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by the time we get to the the evening rush hour. rus those of you going to the 4:00 nats game i think you're going to be okay. i wouldn't worry too much but again a spotty shower could popp up that would delay it briefly even if we saw it. 11:00 tomorrow night we're goini a about it more active. we're tracting some showers down towards the charlottesville area.le and down to the west. we a few of those hang around overnight and we may still be dealing with a few more on m thursday morning. the winds are beginning to shifo coming out of the northeast. that will lotus up with some hit or miss showers on thursday. one last bunch that comes rumbling through town on thursday evening.enin obviously things are going to get a little bit busier in the u weather center as go through thh next several days. nothing to worry for tonight. here's your seven day forecast.t a bit more rain in the forecaste for thursday. we might
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incorporate ton in a few showerh on friday morning. 75-degrees. if you're heading on out to see the gear you may need a little e bit of rain gear, but we're thinking the weekend looks fantastic. we're so glad to celebrate dad's day. it looks like it would beould tuesday with a passage of a front much that's your weather forecast. jim, what is going on in sportso tonight. we've head ed down to the ballpark for nats night out. of course it was continuinged withi sadness after sunday's deadly attack in orlando. one way that we collectively gog about our lives is throughhrou baseball. we'll talk about the game a t little bit later. the night started out on a high note. this guy, look familiar, leslies jordan from will and grace. he told me that was his first fr time ever in a ballpark. >> i love that guy. > he was hysterical. hy grea p
10:55 pm
before the game, sinking a tribute. they sang cindy lawer's true colors. the event in orlando still weighing h this message will be viewed andi the game will be watched in florida, in southeast, but alsol to know that everyone's heart in baseball was broken on sunday su morning. it doesn't matter how it happened to. to. > the redskins wide receiver deshawn jackson who was practically a no show was on w hand for the first two days of o veterans minute i camp why, wh because he has to it's mandatory. >> head coach impressed with jackson. as for deshawn speaking to the e media after today's practice, that's another story. no. i and it got nothing to
10:56 pm
closed mouth. i'm better off that way. > he's a big time problem for o defenses. he's a big time weapon for offance. any time he's out on the field i he's helpful to our team. we'll continue to use him. > we're glad he's healthily. > we're friendly people, deshawn, we don't bite. .
10:57 pm
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> this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, a shuttle bus crashes on the dgw parkway, killing one person jug more a dozen others and bringingze traffic to a crawl. we're life with the developing details. plus new survivor stories from the orlando shooting rampage. the gunman entered the bathroom and was shooting his machineachi gun. one victim opened up about the terrifying moments inside the nightclub. and a new car feature that could prevent a deadly mistake on who the days. your news starts right now. > we do begin with a developing story in the district. it appears former mayor vincent gray is heading back to elected office. he defeated


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